yakuza switchblade: timothy wind

{charles free}

last piece of gear used: busted transistor radio
first piece of gear used: karaoke machine

last cassette listened to: The Dead Live at Renaissance Faire Grounds 8-27-72 which is as nasty as it gets

first cassette listened to: Queens "greatest hits"

last book read: Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

first book read: some Bernstein Bears or some shit

last record listened to: A // Politcal - "Planting the Seeds of Revolution"

first record listened to: first memorable is probably Arlo Guthrie "Alices Restraunt" or Run DMC "Raising Hell"

last food eaten: the worst gas station chili dog washed down with the worst malt liqour on way home from the worst bonfire

favorite record title {now}: Dory Previn "Mythical Iguanas and Kings" / Agincourt - "Fly Away" cant really get enough of either

last person you said goodbye to: the boy


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