yakuza switchblade: carl calm

{eric lanham}

last piece of gear used: eurorack modular synth
first pece of gear used: yamaha dx-27 given to me from a middle school girlfriend

last cassette listened to: john clyde evans - go gracious kiki change
first cassette listened to: smashing pumpkins - gish

last book read: among the thugs by bill buford
first book read: some variety of large hardback science book with huge pictures about spiders, sharks, snakes, or dinosaurs

last record listened to: autechre - quaristice
first record listened to: first LP record could have been van morrison or moody blues from my dad, but most likely dark side of the moon. my dad is super square but we was way into piper at the gates of dawn.

last food eaten: coffee and toast

favorite record title {now}: greg kelley - i don't want to live forever

last person you said goodbye to: sarah


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