yakuza switchblade: mark lord

{chris forgues}

last piece of gear used: Alessis HR16
first pece of gear used: Kareoke Machine

last cassette listened to: "There's a snake in my cash register" by Russian Tsarlag
first cassette listened to: El Debarge, forget what album, ugly yellow cover

last book read: "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin
first book read:... first memorable? "Bridge To Teribithia" by ?

last record listened to: Bela Bartok, Suite, Op. 4b / 14 pieces from "mikrokosmos"
first record listened to: Thriller MJ

last food eaten: Crackers And Cheese

favorite record title {now}: "Not Our Laws" or "They Gave You A Name?"

last person you said goodbye to: Emily Kiyomi Shinada


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