yakuza switchblade: coppertone

{sasha wiseman}

last piece of gear used: ever-present Juno 60 and...my mind..?
first pece of gear used: heart monitor used to monitor my heart beats in high school, never used for such practical purposes once i realized what an amazing sound it made...and then heart2heart was born, sort of.

last cassette listened to: john fahey/ robert johnson/ carter family tape
first cassette listened to: yikes i dont know! middle school boyfriend mixtapes?

last book read: just re-read "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
first book read: i wish i knew

last record listened to: i've actually never owned a record player
first record listened to: ?

last food eaten: steak!

favorite record title {now}: this is way way too hard of a question, but my favorite title i've seen recently is "challenger"

last person you said goodbye to: late airport run to return markus to vienna last night...airplanes lit from beneath, emerging out of dense LA fog


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