yakuza switchblade: baronic wall

{jack gilbert}

last piece of gear used: The Yamaha AN1X synth that I'm going to sell in a few days because I don't like it enough to lug it to Portland.
first piece of gear used: A Casio MT-68 I bought from a friend who was leaving town.

last cassette listened to: A hissy Mazzy Star tape on my old walkman. I've been out of the loop living in Wales and the few tapes I have are charity shop stuff.
first cassette listened to: A compilation called "Rave 92" was the first tape I bought myself. A couple dimly remembered mixtapes featuring the Beatles and some kids songs existed before that.

last book read: A re-read of "At Swim Two Birds" by Flann O'Brien, because I haven't been able to make it to the used bookstore in a while.
first book read: It was full of swirly paintings of houses and had hardly any words, but it was still frustrating because I couldn't read at all.

last record listened to: Face to Face by The Kinks
first record listened to: The bass parts of "Everbody Knows This is Nowhere", which were all I could hear when I was upstairs in bed.

last food eaten: A small chocolate muffin with two dollops of ice cream.

favorite record title {now}: Cyborg

last person you said goodbye to: My grandparents who don't want me to leave the country again.


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