yakuza switchblade: spencer yeh

{c spencer yeh}

last piece of gear used: violin
first pece of gear used: violin

last cassette listened to: James Friley "Improvisations"
first cassette listened to: first tape I bought with my own $$ was Beastie Boys "License to Ill" -- they sold it to me with this cassette security thing still on it, which was really tough to break apart/off.

last book read: Michel Houellebecq "Platform"
first book read: do scrolls count ?

last record listened to: Daphne Oram "Oramics" 4LP
first record listened to: I am guessing something by The Carpenters because I remember the last few records my folks still had

last food eaten: "apple cinnamon" granola in blueberry kefir

favorite record title {now}: Acid In The Style of David Tudor

last person you said goodbye to: Greg Kelley


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