yakuza switchblade: geoff mullen

{geoff mullen}

last piece of gear used: teisco electric guitar, maestro phaser, alesis nanoverb, yamaha e1005 analog delay, 2 sony tcm handheld cassette players, maestro echoplex ep-3
first piece of gear used: acoustic guitar

last cassette listened to: james blames "summer songs"
first cassette listened to: probably some terrible cassingle from the mid-to-late 80's
(think mc.hammer, young mc., another bad creation, etc.)

last book read: the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain
first book read: maybe something by the berenstein bears, or "frog and toad"

last record listened to: people the sky by michael czajkowski
first record listened to: most likely one of the beatles records. either that or something like beethoven or tchaikovsky

last food eaten: nature's path flax plus cereal w/ thompson raisins and soymilk, w/ a cup of guatemalan coffee

favorite record title {now}: force the hand of chance by psychic t.v., or twin infinitives by royal trux

last person you said goodbye to: uncle bob


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