tapes available

I have a few copies of these left, please get in touch if you're interested.

• keith fullerton whitman "live generators 1.5" c40
• any given sunday "take me to your dealer" c30 {keith whitman & geoff mullen}
• driphouse "FM radio '10" c24
• rene hell / flower man "split" c20

all on agents of chaos.


nosfera tu
** out back

he com pla%ins

abou ....t
eine sym * phonie

"des grauens"


slightly eleven: *

Rene Hell "Slightly Eleven" from Megazord on Vimeo.

rene hell "slightly eleven"

from forthcoming split lp w/ three legged race
on arbor records

video by megazord


church bells

collage with V/A ***link

alt. mezzanine {6.si}


*** us ***


yakuza switchblade: ryan garbes

{ryan garbes}

last piece of gear used: squire telecaster
first piece of gear used: drums my friend got from the trash

last cassette listened to: mix tape i was making but got side-tracked..
first cassette listened to: ace of base "the sign"

last book read: patti smith "just kids"
first book read: the tub people

last record listened to: sonic boom "spectrum"
first record listened to: conniption fit "bombs away"

last food eaten: mike 'n' ikes

favorite record title {now}: always "bringing it all back home"

last person you said goodbye to: group of people at the movie theater


yakuza switchblade: positive shadow

{henry glover}

last piece of gear used: barrowed Korg Delta (thanks ortman)
first pece of gear used: casio sk-1

last cassette listened to: Steve Halpurn's Zodiac Suite
first cassette listened to: Green Jelly cereal killer

last book read: Swamp Thing: LOVE and DEATH and lies inc.
first book read: the little prince

last record listened to: strawberry switchblade since yesterday
first record listened to: I think Kevin Drumm's land of lurches in a dark basement was the first time I actually "listened" to anything and saw into the terrifying invisible pinpoint of the unknown. But for real prob steely dan or metallica.

last food eaten: drank's a food right?

favorite record title {now}: this death house

last person you said goodbye to: she made me kiss her boots



yakuza switchblade: work/death

{scott reber}

last piece of gear used: giannini 7 string classical guitar
first pece of gear used: tiny casio in department store

last cassette listened to: earn 'lacewing'
first cassette listened to: piledriver - the wrestling album 2

last book read: just finished 'blues people: negro music in white america' by leroi jones/amiri baraka, just started 'the henry miller reader'
first book read: a bunch from the time-life science/nature library (great pictures)

last record listened to: best of the mighty clouds of joy
first record listened to: MJ 'thriller'

last food eaten: 3 way mix of cereal in big bowl - kashi go lean with twigs, price rite honey oat clusters with almonds, and nature's crunch crunchy granola raisin bran.

favorite record title {now}: 'He Sought For That Magic By Which All The Glory And Mystic Chivalry Were Made To Shine - or - Is Music Even Good?'

last person you said goodbye to: jean cozzens


yakuza switchblade: pulse emitter

{daryl groetsch}

last piece of gear used: Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer
first piece of gear used: Yamaha PSS-130 keyboard

last cassette listened to: Panabrite "Wizard Chimes"
first cassette listened to: The Police "Synchronicity"

last book read: Jack Vance "Alastor"
first book read: J.R.R. Tolkien "The Hobbit"

last record listened to: John Carpenter "Escape From New York (Soundtrack)"
first record listened to: Marlo Thomas and Friends "Free to Be… You and Me"

last food eaten: Burritos Julie made with tofu, broccoli, black beans, potatoes, homemade salsa, mushrooms...

favorite record title {now}: Warrior on the Edge of Time

last person you said goodbye to: Coworker.



a.o.c. : new tapes

4 new agents of chaos tapes


• keith fullerton whitman "live generators {1.5}" c40
• rene hell / flower man "split" c20
• any given sunday "take me to your dealer" c30
• driphouse "FM radio '10" c24

all tapes are professionally duplicated w/ full color pro-printed covers in a limited edition of 100. they sound amazing & couldn't be happier with how these turned out.

they are available via the following distros: mimaroglu music sales / tomentosa / amethyst sunset / boomkat / DNT

they're in the post & should arrive within the next few days. any inquiries can be directed at: rnpetalgaz@gmail.com

•• • •••• • • •

yakuza switchblade: dust


last piece of gear used: modular system 00
first pece of gear used: casiotone

last cassette listened to: nick cave and the bad seeds: henry's dream
first cassette listened to: either this marvin gaye/war mixtape or this police/genesis mixtape
last book read: the white plague, frank herbert
first book read: an issue of Predator: Cold War . . think it was the second. i remember the first written text i was able to comprehend was the Predator saying "you die" or something similar within a mangled speech balloon.

last record listened to: dirt: black and white
first record listened to: some beach boys record
last food eaten: tofu and ramen

favorite record title {now}: "for your pleasure" or "a high, happy, perverse and cynical cry of joy"
last person you said goodbye to: lifers



yakuza switchblade: zaimph

{marcia bassett}

last piece of gear used: tape recorder
first piece of gear used: handmade string instrument

last cassette listened to: SDM
first cassette listened to: no idea...

last book read: "Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby
Crash and the Germs"
first book read: probably a Beatrix Potter book or "Where the Wild Things Are"

last record listened to: Stalk-Forrest Group "St. Cecilia"
first record listened to: spooky sounds lp

last food eaten: Tofu Green Curry

favorite record title {now}: "My Gate's Open, Tremble by My Side"

last person you said goodbye to: Lindsay at Exiled Records



yakuza switchblade: pale blue sky

{mike pollard}

last piece of gear used: sequential circuits pro-one
first pece of gear used: yamaha disklavier piano

last cassette listened to: cocteau twins 'victorialand'
first cassette listened to: some grateful dead greatest hits collection

last book read: gustave flaubert 'the temptation of st antony'
first book read: goodnight moon

last record listened to: markus guentner 'regensberg remix'
first record listened to: something of my dads; the beatles or klaatu

last food eaten: pulled pork sandwich

favorite record title {now}: 'blue'

last person you said goodbye to: my mom (through the phone)