yakuza switchblade: concern

{gordon ashworth}

last piece of gear used: tascam mf-p01 cassette four track.
first pece of gear used: either a walkman or a shitty keyboard.

last cassette listened to: life during wartime "mixed combat" compilation.
first cassette listened to: probably "marvin's invention" (kid's book on tape) 1987.

last book read: italo calvino "cosmicomics."
first book read: probably "the little fur family" or "the runaway bunny."

last record listened to: jackie opel "picture of smoke" 45.
first record listened to: unknown, but probably The Beatles or some classical record my parents put on at home.

last food eaten: I ended my night with hot tamarind candy and a brown ale from Cascade Lakes brewery.

favorite record title {now}: Strive to Survive Causing the Least Suffering Possible.

last person you said goodbye to: my ex-girlfriend.


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  1. all of these questionaires/brief interviews have been really awesome to read thus far...