yakuza switchblade: positive shadow

{henry glover}

last piece of gear used: barrowed Korg Delta (thanks ortman)
first pece of gear used: casio sk-1

last cassette listened to: Steve Halpurn's Zodiac Suite
first cassette listened to: Green Jelly cereal killer

last book read: Swamp Thing: LOVE and DEATH and lies inc.
first book read: the little prince

last record listened to: strawberry switchblade since yesterday
first record listened to: I think Kevin Drumm's land of lurches in a dark basement was the first time I actually "listened" to anything and saw into the terrifying invisible pinpoint of the unknown. But for real prob steely dan or metallica.

last food eaten: drank's a food right?

favorite record title {now}: this death house

last person you said goodbye to: she made me kiss her boots


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