yakuza switchblade: pale blue sky

{mike pollard}

last piece of gear used: sequential circuits pro-one
first pece of gear used: yamaha disklavier piano

last cassette listened to: cocteau twins 'victorialand'
first cassette listened to: some grateful dead greatest hits collection

last book read: gustave flaubert 'the temptation of st antony'
first book read: goodnight moon

last record listened to: markus guentner 'regensberg remix'
first record listened to: something of my dads; the beatles or klaatu

last food eaten: pulled pork sandwich

favorite record title {now}: 'blue'

last person you said goodbye to: my mom (through the phone)


1 comment:

  1. Hi Sir, I just found your blog and it's so great to see your drawings. i am teaching college kids drawing and keep trying to tell them how awesome and important it is to keep a regular sketchbook, but I don't think they ever really believe me... I will make a point to show them this blog and see if that helps. :)

    Your drawings have such a great not perfect/perfect sense to them!

    I have an art blog, too, if you want to have a look.

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