yakuza switchblade: dust


last piece of gear used: modular system 00
first pece of gear used: casiotone

last cassette listened to: nick cave and the bad seeds: henry's dream
first cassette listened to: either this marvin gaye/war mixtape or this police/genesis mixtape
last book read: the white plague, frank herbert
first book read: an issue of Predator: Cold War . . think it was the second. i remember the first written text i was able to comprehend was the Predator saying "you die" or something similar within a mangled speech balloon.

last record listened to: dirt: black and white
first record listened to: some beach boys record
last food eaten: tofu and ramen

favorite record title {now}: "for your pleasure" or "a high, happy, perverse and cynical cry of joy"
last person you said goodbye to: lifers


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