now available from Agents of Chaos:

RM Francis "Recycled Sleep" c34

edition of 100 copies

After a bit of a hiatus we're proud to announce a new cassette release from RM Francis titled "Recycled Sleep". This release, inspired partly by Stockhausen's moment form concept, showcases some of Robert's most cutting-edge work to date. The pieces herein are generated automatically in a probabilistic synth patch via Max/MSP. The recordings are then run through another wave shaping patch that used the amplitude & frequency information of the recorded sound to determine the playback speed, position, and direction. (Thereby "recycling" them.) Although the composition methods used were heavily process/systems-dependent, it's by no means generative music in any purist sense, owing to the fact that there is a significant amount of editing & multi-tracking that went into it. Some of the raw source material was included as well, without being subjected to the wave shaping process. That said, the human touch is much lighter & less involved than in any of his previous work. 

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